iHost.nu la carte rate sheet

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Personal Domain hosting

Basic Website $5/month  with 20MB space

Virtual Website $10/month with 20MB space

Website with discreet IP and DNS hosting $15/month with 40MB space

Website w/domain registration, chat, board - $20/month with 80MB space

First month Free with domain registration. ($10)








Data Center Collocation

Fast implementation at great rates.  High speed major backbone collocations based on $150 per 1U rack space and flat rate monthly bandwidth at $100/Mbs with no overages.






Stream Hosting

Bandwidth is $150/month per 10 Mbs 24/7 with no overages. 

By the Hour as low as $5 for 100 users. 

Peer to peer Streaming with Blue Falcon is available as well as ad insertion.






A/V On Demand Clip Hosting

$50/mo per GB storage.  includes 50Gb transferred, overage at 70/Gb.  $10 minimum/month - $200 maximum for 1GB storage including 320 Gb transferred.






DNS Hosting

$5/yr  per zone

$85/yr 20 zones

Note: DNS resolution queries are NOT unlimited.  There will be extra charges for overuse on high volume zones.  Allowed:  10,000 queries per month.






Domain Name

$15/yr  com, net, org, biz, ws

$25/2 yr us, info, name

$70/2yr .nu 

$50/yr tv, cc, bz (depending if pre registered)







Reasonable Web Design and Maintenance

We work with different designers so you can have your choice based on working examples.  We arrange for regular maintenance.





Chat Room + Message Board

$50/yr or free with upgraded account.  included with some hosting plans


Live Web Cast Studio Rental

Don't have a good connection and want to do a Live or Pre-recorded internet show?  We offer a package consisting of internet studio for weekly live/taped shows, web page and on demand reruns for as little as $200/mo







Complete Channel Hosting

We can completely construct,  setup , train you to operate or operate it for you, a complete 24/7 internet TV/radio station.  If you have a concept and content, we can arrange for you to have your own internet channel and presence either at our facilities or yours.







A/V setup and construction






Search Engine Rankings

$1200/setup and first month $300/month maintenance guaranteed rankings.


Reseller Inquiries Welcome

Discounted  pricing available for  web hosts and web designers



All rates are in USD

iHost.nu can’t be penalized for acts of God, etc.

iHost.nu reserves the right to reject clients if they violate our usage policy.

You are responsible for the content you stream.