Acceptable Usage Policy

1. Introduction supports the free flow of information and ideas over the Internet. does not actively monitor nor does exercise editorial control over the content of any Web site, electronic mail transmission, mailing list, message board or other material created or accessible over services. However, reserves the right to remove any materials that, in's sole discretion, are potentially illegal, may subject to liability, or violate this Acceptable Use Policy ("Policy"). Your violating this Policy may result in the suspension or cancellation of your services.

2. Policies
The following are violations of iHost's acceptable use policies:

3. Unlimited Service
Member acknowledges that's Service is intended for periodic, active use of email, user newsgroups, file transfers via FTP, Internet chat, Internet games and browsing the World Wide Web. Member further agrees not to use the service on a standby or inactive basis in order to maintain a connection. Pinging is expressly prohibited. Accordingly, maintains the right to terminate Member's connection following any extended period or inactivity as determined by

4. Assumes No Liability has no practical ability to restrict all conduct, communications or content which might violate this Policy prior to its transmission on's systems, nor can ensure prompt removal of any such communications or content after transmission or posting. Accordingly, does not assume liability to subscribers or others for any failure to enforce the terms of this Policy.

5. Revisions to this Policy reserves the right to modify this Policy at any time. Notice of modifications to this Policy may be given to subscribers by posting such changes to the policy page (, by electronic mail, or by conventional mail.